The Board
Promoting learning and education systems worldwide to enable people to live harmoniously and equitably.
Gregory Turkawka (President)
He founded Alpha to shape the culture of education. Gregory is the leading power behind LearnIn, including designing, planning, organising and managing the core team of experts and technology providers; alignment of activities within the LearnIn initiative; vetting, strengthening and expansion of the network; responsible for initiation, management and cooperation and leading the technology meta-community. 
At the Zurich University of Teacher Education PHZH he works as EdTech specialist and Teaching and Research Associate at the Digital Learning department. He designed the massive open online course CORE. The course aims to support a number of organisations like UNHR and NGOs with teaching and learning resources in English, Arabic, Greek and Dari on the themes of life skills and strengthening self-competences for children and young adults on the run or in refugee camps. In 2019 he co-created the Certificate for Advanced Studies Program “Digital Leadership in Education”
Before his engagement at PHZH, Gregory transformed and digitized a public secondary school near Zurich and got awarded with the medal of honor of the ABZ of ETH Zurich for special contributions to the teaching of MINT subjects; the LISSA Prize, recognizing the focus on learning self-organization and interdisciplinary skills, the digital preparation of learning content, self-responsible learning and coaching methods; and by HundrED, for "Makerspace Days" as one of ten most convincing good practices in 2019. 
As Mayor he governs and represents the medieval city of Regensberg, Switzerland. 

Dalith Steiger (Vice President)
She is co-founder and managing partner of the award-winning start-up SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub. She is also CEO of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum, an association of leading executives from the Swiss ICT industry, as well as Member of the Advisory Council of, a political start-up of the liberals, which recognizes and promotes the opportunities of digitization. 
Dalith is also co-owner and member of the executive board of CORE Design Works, an agency for visual and industrial design. In addition, Dalith sits in various boards, in the jury of the Digital Economy Awards well as the jury of START Hack, is an advisor at the Kickstart Innovation, a mentor at the Founder Institute and teaches at the applied university of Luzern the Modul in CAS Chief Digital Officer «AI / Machine Learning». 
In 2019, Dalith Steiger was named one of the Top 10 Pioneering Women in AI and Machine Learning by Enterprise Management 360 London and was elected as one of the Top 100 Digital Shapers in Switzerland by the Bilanz, WAIROE featured by AI4EU and Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers in 2020. 
She gives inspiring keynote speeches worldwide, sharing her broad knowledge and experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies.

Co-founder of Intrinsic, which offers a range of services to companies and their employees and private individuals to enable the radical shift from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation. He collaborates with universities on learning labs as the place where people give themselves the freedom to develop their inner abilities, to experiment with pleasure and to expand spaces of opportunity. Intrinsic uses the concept of intrinsic motivation to help answer the global questions, such as the impact of digitization on society and the world of work, and how people and organizations can be better prepared to address the challenges of the future. “In this generation, the focus is no longer on increasing prosperity - but on solving very big questions in the digital age,”. 
He runs the Intrinsic Campus which researches school culture in the digital age and develops a prototype of teacher education based on the premise that digitization in education is individual work on realistic challenges. Schoolchildren and teachers use technical aids to work on topics at their own pace and with the appropriate method, regardless of time and place. Christian brings knowledge and experience in innovative approaches in working with teachers and children as learners, which is in line with the LearnIn approach. Intrinsic also brings a network of potential donors. 

Guido is a bit of the grey hair of the Blockchain Ecosystem. He served as a Swiss Board Member for several projects from the very beginning, like Shape Shift, Cardano, Wings, Golem, Nimiq, Interchain, Tezos, Particl Foundation and several more. 
From his educational background he is a lawyer (International law, corporate law), economist (EMBA for Finance & International Management) and a certified Swiss Board Member. Before joining Blockchain he worked for 25 years in managerial positions in the old industry - working in fields such as: Banking, Chemical, HR and also supported start-up companies during the first and second internet wave. 
Today he is the co-founder and board member of Alpha Foundation and is serving as the managing director of Lisk Foundation, as well as the board member and director of Bancor (Bprotocol Foundation), Liquidapps, Collider AG and Bank ten31. Moreover, he acted as the speaker of several international conferences. 
His passion is to serve the global Education & Blockchain Ecosystem with innovative approaches and creative solutions.
He is the owner of Mazal Fabrikant, a freelance photographer and lecturer Photography for Visual Communication and Knowledge Visualization at the University of the Arts Zurich, ZHDK as well several guest lectures in Switzerland and abroad. 
Matthias has a strong network in design, communication and computer-generated imagery which enclose state-of-the-art 3D visualizations and photography. His skills in complex visual communication and his broad network will support LearnIn’s goal to improve accessibility design. His professional experience and network will help LearnIn to build the expertise in 21st century communication skills and transfer knowledge to participating countries. 

Owner of Denkreise, a company that offers consulting and training services for schools regarding the culture in the digital age. Former head of in-service training on media and computer science at the Zurich University for Teacher Education (PHZH). At PHZH she led various programs on digital in- novation. Rahel brings extensive experience in teacher education and public-private partnerships. She initiated the Certificate of Advanced Studies Program “Digital Leadership in Education”. With “CompiSternli” she invented a program that bridges the gap of generations in IT education by letting children teach elderly people how to use new technologies. The program was awarded “Charity of the year 2020” by Credit Suisse. She is participating as an expert in the jury of Spotlight Switzerland/ hundrED. Rahel’s experience in designing in-service teacher training programs, blended learning settings for successful curriculum implementation and her broad network of experts and donors will support LearnIn.

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